Self documentation

It happens I have multiple locations using Unifi hardware, this is a guide to my future self in case I need to install Unifi controller again. At this moment, I’m using AWS and Debian 11, steps to perform installation follow:

  1. Create an AWS instance, as reference I’m using t2.micro and 50GB SSD.
  2. When propted about security group create a new one and open the following inbound ports:
TCP 8081 - Management
TCP 8080 - Device information
TCP 8443 - Controller UI/API
TCP 8880 - Portal redirect for HTTP
TCP 8843 - Protal redirect for HTTPS
*UDP 3478 - Only required if you use VoIP features, planned to be deprecated on UniFi 4.7.4
  1. Wait for your newly created instance to lauch, login over SSH and as root upgrade Debian with:
apt update && apt upgrade -y
  1. Install the needed certificates and wget:
apt install ca-certificates wget -y
  1. The following command downloads the installation script and runs it, just answer the prompted questions accordingly:
rm &> /dev/null; wget && bash
  1. Optional: If you want to run unnatended installation, check script options with bash --help, the following is an example to install with Let’s Encrypt certificates, set the fqdn to and with email address for certificate renewal notifications set to
bash --skip --fqdn --email
  1. Once the CLI installation is completed, you can continue on your web browser, open:

Thanks for reading!